Amir Nasr
Gitarrist & Komponist

Amir Nasr

guitars, bariton guitar, composition, arrangement

Amir Nasr spent the first 20 years of his life at his birth place Teheran, the capital of Iran.

In Teheran he learned how to play the piano and got accepted to the music high school where he discovered and studied the Kamanche, a traditional, Iranian instrument. Due to the music censorship in Iran, he moved to Moscow in the year of 2000.
There he started his study at the Conservatory of Moscow with “Conducting for Jazz & Pop Orchestra’s” as his main focus.

In 2005 he applied for a music study at the ArtEZ Conservatory of Arnhem in the Netherlands, this time with “Jazz & Pop Guitar” as his main subject. After he had received his bachelor diploma in 2010 he moved to Germany, where he is active now as a musician, composer and music teacher.